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Whether you’re looking to start a new website or are looking to improve the site you already have, a WP Toolkit can be a useful asset. This toolkit provides you with the tools you need to create an effective, professional website, including plugins, CLI commands and Cloneable files.

Covert Video Press 3.0

Using the Covert Video Press theme on your WordPress blog is an excellent way to generate traffic and generate more sales. You can use this theme to build a video site on your WordPress blog in no time. And it’s easy to set up.

This theme has features that make it stand out from the rest. It includes custom widgets and a grid style post layout. It also has a self-optimising feature, which means it automatically tracks clicks and impressions. It shows the most popular videos at the top. You can also see which of your videos are generating the most traffic. It can even ask visitors to sign up to your email list.

You can use this theme on a number of different websites. It can be used to build video sites, a video store, or on a client website. It also has built-in social sharing and the ability to target ads. The developers at IM Wealth Builders have done all of the hard work for you. They have developed a video tutorial to help you get started.

Covert Video Press is a WordPress theme designed to make your blog look like Youtube. It automatically creates thumbnails for each video. It has a featured video rotator that shows the most popular videos at the top. It also has a step-by-step wizard that will break the configuration process down into ten bite-size steps. It even includes mini tutorial videos for each setting.

You can build an unlimited number of video tube sites with this theme. It’s simple to use and it works on any computer. It also has a 45-day money back guarantee. This is one of the best deals you will find online.

Smart Slider 3

Using a plugin to build a slider is not a new concept. The WordPress toolkit contains a number of useful tools for the job. Smart Slider 3 is one of the best and quickest. It provides a visual drag and drop builder, along with a library of ready-to-use samples.

The slider plugin includes several special layers, including Youtube, Vimeo, and a custom image layer. These layers can be used to autoplay videos or loop them. You can also change the font styles, sizes, and tags. The widget includes an animation timeline that lets you manage layer animations. This feature is only available on the premium version.

The slider also comes with a variety of other features, such as a menu item. The interface is straightforward and user-friendly. The dashboard is divided into categories to make navigation easier. The interface also features a sample import, and a slide size selector.

A slider can be a full page or a vertical accordion. It can also be a carousel, which displays multiple items at once. There are also options for building a “hero section” on your homepage, or a whole landing page. A hero section is typically a header, with a CTA button, or an image.

Aside from the slider, the plugin also offers a selection of counters, and video layers. You can customize each element, and then save your changes. It has a 14-day money back guarantee.

The Smart Slider for WordPress also comes with a number of dynamic content generators. These allow you to create slides automatically from blog posts, social media posts, and more. These can also be useful for webshop owners, since they can include WooCommerce products.

CLI commands

Whether you are an advanced WordPress user or just a beginner, you can use the WP Toolkit CLI commands to manage your WordPress sites. It allows you to install and update plugins, add themes, and perform other tasks from the command line.

The WP Toolkit is a set of utilities that integrates the official WordPress command-line interface with Plesk. These tools help users manage sets of plugins and themes. Using these commands, you can automate repetitive tasks on your WordPress installation. You can also perform backups and updates.

When you run these commands in the WP Toolkit, you will need to provide the source WordPress site ID, database name, and domain name. You can find these options in the WP CLI help documentation.

To get started with the WP Toolkit, you’ll first need to install it. You can do this through a command-line interface in Cpanel or WHM, or by installing it manually. You’ll need to make sure that you have a valid cPanel license, and a root-enabled reseller account.

Before you can install the toolkit, you’ll need to know how to use a Linux terminal. If you’re familiar with the UNIX command line, it will be much easier to learn the nuances of the WP Toolkit.

The WP Toolkit supports several different output formats. These include raw and JSON. The toolkit can be installed in CPanel or WHM, but you can also install it in SSH.

If you’re a developer, you may want to consider adding your own commands to the toolkit. These commands are easily created with a PHP class. If you’re interested in adding your own commands to the WP Toolkit, you can visit the project’s Github page.


Creating a clone of your WordPress installation is easy with the WP Toolkit. This is a cPanel application that makes it easy to copy your existing site and install it on a new domain. It’s a great way to test updates or to copy content from your live site to a staging one.

Using the WP Toolkit to clone your website is a simple process that requires only a few clicks. To get started, first activate the application on your web hosting account. Then select the target domain or subdomain you’d like to use. Then, click Start. It’s important to keep in mind that this will create a clone of your site, but it will still be using the database from your original site.

Once your database is backed up, you can restore your website from the archive. To do this, you’ll need to download the archive file and the installer. This can take a few minutes depending on the size of your website.

In order to clone your site, you’ll need a cPanel account with sufficient resources. The Toolkit keeps a log of the data being copied and keeps a restore point. You can also delete a cloned website from the main Toolkit page.

When you clone your website, the Toolkit will automatically make a backup of your database and the website files. You can then copy your database and site files to your new website.

The toolkit also lets you set secure file permissions. You can also choose to auto-update your plugins and themes. The Toolkit also lets you push changes to your production site.

There are other tools in the Toolkit, but the clone feature is the easiest way to clone your website.

Holiday Special Offer

IM Wealth Builders is releasing a special holiday bundle of WordPress plugins. This product is the first of its kind. The bundle includes six plugins that can improve the performance of your WordPress website. The plugins are designed to help you boost the conversion rate of your site.

This WordPress plugin bundle includes the world’s first all-in-one link cloaker. Its SmartLinks feature allows you to cloak links without violating any rules. It also enables you to direct buyers to your offers, while eliminating the risk of losing sales.

Another part of the WP Toolkit suite is Split Test Monkey. This is a simple tool that can be used to split test almost any online asset. You can use it to optimize your web pages, drive more sales, and grow your business. The tool can also generate high-converting images and posts.

Finally, the WP Traffic Guard is a one-click WordPress plugin that helps you convert lost traffic from broken pages and links. The tool can also help you build fully monetized 404 error pages. This will help you maximize your revenue in real time.

This product can also help you get more targeted traffic to your blog, accelerating your profits. The best part is that the plugin can be installed for free. You just need to download the software and install it on your WordPress site.

This is a limited time offer, and it is only available to new members. It’s a great way to boost the performance of your WordPress site. The WP Toolkit Holiday Special Offer will transform your blog into a highly profitable sales machine. It can be used for advertising, selling products, and blogging.

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